Larry Peregrine(non-registered)
Renewing memories of Indiana this summer, we visited Rockville during the covered bridge festival. Our signed copy of Indiana Covered Bridges is a treasure.
Clara Watson(non-registered)
I so enjoy your pictures, Marsha. You captured the beauty of those windmills up north that I never knew they possessed. It's been a long time since 3PCW.
A. J. Schulmeyer(non-registered)
A friend o mine at work(Dr. Bloch) recommended I visit your site after viewing some of my own barn pics. What wonderful pics. Glad to know I'm not the only Hoosier who sees the beauty in our barns of Indiana.
Tom Bean, long time friend(non-registered)
Marsha has excelled in everything she has done in life from what I know, which has been since grade school. Once again her special god-given gift and skills are readily apparent through these works.
Corinne Poel(non-registered)
I love this! Very soothing and peaceful. A great way to show off your talent!
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