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I hope you enjoy these images. Miles and miles I have traveled. In and out of the car countless times. A passion looking for that exact composition that has to have a balance. One small item can throw the photo off completely. It has taken years to develop such a vision, but it is now recognized as a trademark of mine from many.

To my great surprise I was one of the winners of the famed "Chasing the Light Juried Photography" contest in the Flowers category!!! Check out the site at http://chasingthelight.photoshelter.com/. The photo is listed on this site under 'Close Up" folder. There were people competing from all over the world and of 25 winners there was one from the Philippines, United Arabic Emirates, Canada, and two from Australia. I feel totally honored to be amongst them!

I married my high school sweetheart, Larry, some 42 years ago. After both completing bachelors degrees while raising two children I finally had enough money saved to buy that first good camera. The passion never stopped from there. We lived in the perfect location to do environmental portraiture as we live in a thick woods with posing rocks, a pond across from us, a field of wildflowers and a creek close walking distance with a bridge. The successful business exposed me to a quality professional lab in Chicago which I used to make very colorful slides to send off to publishers. I really feel that is where I got my start. Soon after Fugi came out with the brightly saturated Velvia film which some publishers still prefer. Now with the digital age, my 35mm and medium format film cameras lay dormant.

Larry and I love to travel, camp, hike, ski which enables us to photograph some of the prettiest places in this continent. He with his video camera, me with my cameras and tripods. Often he is asked, "Why do you have that tiny camera with her carrying all that equipment!" "It is her choice!"

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